General (2)

How is Interior Design for iPad different from any other Interior Design apps out there

Interior Design for iPad is the most advanced, user-friendly interior design app available. It offers cutting edge technology not usually seen on mobile devices, and can go head to head even against the best desktop interior design software today. Some of the cutting edge technologies used in Interior Design for iPad include rendering, amazing real-time 3D, Drag and drop for both objects and materials, over 3300 objects and materials, and the ability to add your own materials and photos.

I want to sell my own furniture / wallpapers / appliances / countertops / cabinetry through your app – who do I talk to?

Click the “Support” label at the top, fill in your details (double check the email), and put “Partnership” in the subject line. We will get back to you within 24-48 hours.

Sharing Plans (1)

How do I share a plan with someone?

Interior Design lets you share complete plans, including material, objects and custom images by email or Dropbox. From the plans screen, tap the little arrow next to the plan you wish to share and select “Share”. If you wish to share a plan via Dropbox, you will need to sign up first (Dropbox is simply the best file-sharing service, and signing up is free).

Floorplan and Layout (2)

Do you support walls at an angle?

Absolutely. In the layout screen, double tap any corner point to chamfer a corner. Chamfering a corner creates an extra corner point, and each corner point can be dragged individually to create interesting architectural designs.

How do I open/close doors?

Go to the interior screen (top 2D screen). Tap the door you would like to present as open and tap the “Modify” button. Now tap the switch “Closed”. The door will now be presented as closed in the 3D screen.