Interior Design for iPad - The Most Advanced Interior Design App

Simply put, it is the best interior design software available

Interior Design for iPad is a user-friendly app that gives you the power to take on any interior design project or create any floor-plan quickly and easily. With little to no learning curve, you could be designing your new interior in as little as 5 minutes.

Go from drawing your floor plans in 2D to walking through them in vivid, stunning 3D. You can drag and drop objects within your layout and remove walls, alter the shape of rooms, or add onto your layout as simply as tapping the screen. With over 3300 objects and materials included in the app for free, you can customize every surface or piece of furniture in your layout, even installing wood floors by choosing from a selection of real wood grains.

Interior Design for iPad is one of the only mobile apps in the world that supports render, giving you the ability to create an amazing 3D image of your design including shadows and other special effects. The render feature is available on iPad 2 and above.

Once you’ve completed your layout, you can share it with friends, family, or colleagues by exporting it to email, photo album, Dropbox, or your favorite social networking sites.

Screenshots and Renders

All screenshots and renders were made using Interior Design for iPad. Images in this section were not edited or enhanced in any way.

Features Highlights

✪ Drag and Drop materials in 3D

It’s easy to see how your home would look with new floors added or a wall taken out. You can drag and drop walls, floors, and other materials in real time and instantly see a 3D image of the changes in your layout.

✪ Drag and drop windows and doors

Drag your windows and doors around your 2D layout to find the perfect position for them.

✪ Rooms with Unique Shapes

If the layout you’re creating has unique corners or room features, Interior Design for iPad will help you create the layout precisely no matter how sharp the corners. You can move any wall to the exact position you need.

✪ Real-time furniture manipulation

Want to know how a couch would look against another wall? Move your furniture around your with a tap of your finger by dragging and dropping it into new positions. You can easily add new furniture before you buy, and change the size, move, rotate, duplicate, or remove it completely, all in real-time.

✪ Outdoor room additions

If you’ve ever wanted to see how a balcony, porch, or patio fit into your current house or dream home, you can now create easily add one to your layout and design it in your own specific style and size.

✪ Multiple Floors

Create innovative home layouts by adding multiple floors to your project. Once your floor is created, you can reorder it to a different position, rename it, or just delete it and start again.

✪ Render Engine

Built in rendering gives an amazing, lifelike image (iPad 2 and above) – Interior Design for iPad is the world’s first interior design app (yes, world’s first) with built-in rendering capabilities to make the final image more vivid and realistic.

✪ 3D Walkthrough and Dollhouse

Take a first hand tour of your layout in walkthrough/dollhouse mode, all in stunning, real-time 3D. You can change the height of the camera to explore every angle in your layout. Use gestures or joystick to move through it.

✪ Undo/Redo

Whether you are working in Layout, Interior, or 3D mode, you can undo or redo your last actions on your current screen with a simple tap of your finger.

✪ Almost unlimited choices for furniture and materials

With more than 1300 types of furniture and 1800 different styles of décor, you’ll never run out of ways to change up your layout.

✪ Duplicate, import and export plans

Always have a backup of your original plan on hand by creating an exact duplicate of your layout in one tap. You can share your plan with others by exporting it to Dropbox or sending it through email.

✪ Create your design using your actual home layout

Use your current home as a background for the most accurate design by importing a photo of your home’s blueprint and using it as a background on the Layout screen. You can then easily recreate your home by adding rooms on top of the image.

✪ Over 50 real wooden floors

While other Interior Design apps will only let you add fake, computerized wood textures, Interior Design for iPad has over 50 wooden floors that are a meticulous photograph of the exact type of wood floor they portray. Not only can you see how your floors will really look, you can use the wood textures to create your own wooden objects or replace any existing wood texture.

✪ Stunning real-time 3D

Take a walk through your layout and explore your design in stunning, real-time 3D. Your tour will include amazing furnishings, high quality materials, and perfect lighting to give you a real-life view of your layout.

✪ Duplicate furniture

Picking the perfect piece of furniture is a snap when you know it will fit perfectly in your home. Interior Design for iPad lets you add a piece of furniture, change its size, rotate it, or even change the material it’s created from. Once it’s perfect, click on duplicate and you’ll get an exact copy of the furniture in your specific size and design.

✪ Automatically generate doors and windows

It’s easy to add doors and windows to your room. Just arrange the layout to the exact shape and style you’d like, then tap on Interior mode and the correct doors and windows will be automatically added.

✪ Change the style of your décor with one tap

Create and furnish your entire kitchen by choosing cabinets, tabletops, and even the handles on your cabinets. If you don’t like what you see, you can change the style by tapping “Replace All” and your cabinets will all change to the new material.

Reviews & Testimonials

This app is great for helping the DIY-er in designing their home. I really helps someone with furniture layouts, materials selections, and scale. Those are some of the things homeowners seem to make mistakes with when buying furniture and remodeling as well.

In the beginning it’s very easy to navigate. It is nice having all of the rooms pop up at once so you can choose which ones you want, how many, and which ones you do not want. Having the grid behind the floor plans is a godsend. You are able to make the rooms perfectly even without the worry of them being a tad off. It is also very nice that there are dimensions, but it would be good if you could double tap on the dimensions and be able to type in the exact numbers you want without expanding and moving walls around yourself.

When you tap on a room, the functions are very helpful. You are able to add a room, label the room any name you would like, split walls, overlay or simply delete if you are not satisfied. When double tapping on a room it gives you the ability to add “objects” or “materials”. When you open the Objects button it shows you the furniture and accessories according to rooms. You also have a doors and windows button for all your exit needs. It’s very extensive, this app seems to have everything, from beds to walk-in closets, to vases and candles. You are able to choose what you want in wood, wallpaper, paint, tiles, fabric, marble, exterior, and metals. It is a very nice and functional app that allows you to space plan to your liking.

I think it will be a hit with homeowners looking to design an interior space themselves! 

 Carla Aston – Designed

Selected for Top 50 Must have iPad app. Other apps in the list are Facebook, Skype, Google Chrome, AllRecipes, Dropbox and other top of the line apps we use every day.

TIME Magazine

This is a work in progress. But I’m using Interior Design for iPad app to create the floor plan of the house I grew up in.


I use Interior Design for iPad app every day, I like it so much!!

Amelie Dube

Love this app! If you like decorating you will love this! Would like to see some shutters for outside of house. Also some hobby items would be great, or the ability to take a pic of something and use as a object not material. Other than that I think its well worth the price you pay. I have spent hours designing our house. Good way to try out colors and layouts without the cost of mistakes! Keep up the good work guys!!

iTunes User – tlkkit1

This is an amazing app which was so user friendly and professional at the same time! Being able to incorporate my personal plans and pictures to see my design develop was totally amazing to me. Worth it’s weight in gold if you are stuck like I was. The advice it gave visually right on time! Thank You!

iTunes User – Rhonrob2000